Mr. Akimoto, Co-Founder & Managing Director, was featured in a Nikkei Newspaper




On April 6, an interview with our Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Akimoto, was featured in the Nikkei Newspaper's article on “Israel's Medical Tech Startup Doubles in 8 Years.”


Israel's Medical Tech Startups Double in 8 Years

In Israel, known as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, a number of "digital healthcare" startups are emerging one after another, utilizing information technology (IT) in medicine. The number of companies related to this field has doubled from eight years ago to 550 in 2019, including companies that use artificial intelligence (AI) to support the creation of treatment plans. There is an environment where personal medical data is accumulated and can be used by companies. There is a movement to seek commercial opportunities in Japan, and collaborations have begun.


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