Mr. Akimoto, Co-Founder & Managing Director, will participate in The 18th Bone Global Research Meeting



On June 10 at 8:00 a.m., Akimoto will speak about "AT PARTNERS: Using FOF Strategy to Push CVC Teams Investing in Israel to the Next Level" at the 18th Annual Bone Global Research Networking Event. We are looking forward to seeing you there. For more details and to participate, please visit the following website  


This year's event will again feature Israel, following on from the content of last week's event. This time, we will focus on a company that provides an innovative service to efficiently select the best partner companies by taking the FOF strategy, which has traditionally been used only by financial institution investors, to the aspect of collecting startup information. > To quote from the website of AT Partners, co-founded by our guest, Nobuyuki Akimoto, "AT Partners redefines what a traditional CVC should be and provides a new type of investment service that solves a variety of problems, such as gathering information on startups, selecting the best partners, and managing both strategic and financial returns. Through the interview, we plan to explain the structure of the company and hear about its achievements to date.


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